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In this article, I have long wanted to write, but because the job is busy and always drag. But today met a customer advisory Zhang, needs the website construction, has been on the issue of price, talked for a long time, therefore, today finally quiet down, finishing the thinking. Now come and we analysis, why a lot of enterprise production site are reluctant to spend money, the final production sites are just a decoration?

Count from the contact site, construction of the industry to the present, has been almost four years, four years, different levels of customer contact to all walks of life. However, some customers production site, know what is the purpose of the degree of difficulty in where?. Later, in consultation with the site construction company will not for a supply of sth., will be very clear own website production requirements. Some customers may not be the case however, plus oneself only of the company production site person in charge, the boss also does not understand the site, only to inform the person in charge of the budget, the budget is 6000 yuan, but the design and function of reference sites is the boss for more than ten thousand of the price. So after consulting several websites construction companies have repeatedly run into a wall.

There is also a case, the customer said nothing, not to any reference sites, is the first sentence, you do what price? When I put the price to inform each other, each other is not understand, why so expensive? I look at the people said that hundreds of pieces. I said, we is a big company, big company, high cost, technology level is not the same, and now prices are on the rise, hundreds of pieces of site ten thousand only those personal website, using cheap template, wait until you really gave money, just know how cheap where. At that time, will feel and how the first do not say, this time he will be back to you in a word, hundreds of pieces of money you want to custom design, may?

In fact, each of our industry is the existence of the problem, but as we all know, brand, price is how many, not counter-offer, therefore also be sincerely convinced of the money. However, for the website construction all don't understand, how many money? Really don't know, just from the surface, but just a few pages, show a few pictures and words, need so much money? No one would have thought, website construction division is what. If it can be hundreds of pieces, one thousand can do, why not do it? Is this the company's sales are fools? Not? Can money business surely no one to do, is the basic implementation.

Therefore everybody should be vigilant, don't do the greedy small cheap, so the loss outweighs the gain. So the website make cheap is cheaper in where?

Only Shanghai, Baidu search out the Shanghai website construction company had more than 9000, but there are more than 8000 is a personal and studio. Because of this, the website price is uneven, webpage design and technology development level is not the same, it is self-evident, the price is different also.

The first : the construction site is small, lack of experience, diverse.

When the production site, because it is not a big company, the experience must be insufficient, will not consider beforehand browser compatibility issues. Many problems are to wait until we're on our customers found, they will go to modify.

Second: small companies limited funds, the soft hardware quality no website development.

1 ) customer cost and time and money on the web. The very behoove hopes that the site will be as you wish, open and smooth, with good user experience. But all these matters, are willing to. The site every two or three days isn't open, spent in Baidu promotion of money but in vain away, one day down without an advisory telephone. We all know that the Internet now develops very fast, making a website is very simple, but to design a satisfaction assured website is very difficult.

2 ) why like this? Is a template site to blame. We Shanghai attracting network science and technology limited company, from the start date for more than 7 years, on the website of the deep understanding of different industries, we can view the web site, all follow the same pattern, but also as like as two peas website templates, different is the company name, company Logo, product news and contact us. This site is just a decoration, how to play?

3 ) record of the problem. Because the website price also hundreds of block one thousand, the website will not give you the record, then your website is not for the record, is listed on the Internet site is illegal, is disabled, so your money is wasted, these illegal website personal and work room behavior will become more and more rampant.

Said so much, we all should be clear, in this society is not cheap and good things, the sky will not fall pie, at what you do, must think, all you have to do, is to need how many time and cost, not greedy small cheap.

To sum up: he felt, what thing to find a good location, how much the cost corresponding to many things, Shanghai is not somewhere else, cheated people tend to be greedy people. Often cheated and often cheated by others in the final analysis is a kind of person.

For this, want to do things well, don't be greedy small cheap, let oneself suffer a great deal, finally actually is at the expense of their own, so we should draw lessons from others, make yourself whatever you do.