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Beijing website construction overall style and creative design is stationmaster people the hope to master, which is the most difficult to learn. The difficulty in the absence of a fixed program can reference and imitation. Give you a theme, any two people are impossible to design the exact same site. When we say: " this site is cool, is a personality! " So, what makes you feel very cool? It and general site what is the difference? This paper attempts to use the most concise language to explain:

1 style is what, how to set up the website style?

2 creative is what, how to generate creative ideas?

Style is abstract. Refers to the site 's overall image to give the visitor's general feeling.

The " image " including the site CI ( logo, colors, fonts, slogan ), the layout, browsing, interactive, text, voice, the content value, meaning of existence, the site of honor and so many factors. For example: we think Netease is amiable and easy of approach, Disney is to be lively and vivid, IBM is a professional serious. These are the websites give people different feelings.

Style is unique, is the site and other sites in different places. Or color, or technology, or interactively, can let visitors to tell for sure this is your site unique.

The style is human. Through the website of the appearance, content, language, communication can be conceptualized a site 's personality, mood. Is the courtly and gentle, is the persistent passion, is a lively and changeable, allowing uninhibited. As the poem " bold faction " and " graceful faction ", you can use the character to describe the site.

Style of the website and website are distinguished: common website you can see just piled together information, you can only use the feeling of a rational to describe, such as the size of the information, browsing speed. But you browse style website you can have a deeper understanding, such as site grade, be courteous and accessible, is a teacher, is a friend.

clear their own websites impression after, began to build and strengthen that impression.

After the second step impression after, you need to further identify the one of the most distinctive features of things, is most can manifest the website style. Taking it as the site of the characteristics to be key aggrandizement, propaganda. For example: once again review website name, domain name, column name is consistent with this character, whether to remember. Review website standard color is easy to associate this characteristic, whether can reflect site character and so on. Specific practices, not to. I am here to provide some reference:

1 will you mark logo, as far as possible to appear on every page. The header or footer, or, or background.

The 2 highlight your standard colors. Text link color, picture of the main color, background color, border color as far as possible the use of standard color consistent color.

The 3 highlight your standard fonts. The key title, menu, the picture using the unified standard fonts.

4 like a GetWord slogans. Do it in your banner, or put in a prominent position, tell us your website features ...

5 using the unified tone and person. Even more personal cooperation maintenance, also want to let the reader feel the same person.

6 using a unified picture of the treatment effect. For example, the shadow effect direction, thickness, ambiguity must be the same.

7 create a your site specific symbols or icons. For example, in the sentence the link in front of a bit, can use,. The * - the -△- > ( area code in CF ) etc.. Although it is a simple change, but give a person out of the ordinary ( feeling, why didn't I think of that? )

With 8 of their own design lace, line, point

The 9 show your honor and successful work.

10 tell friends about your true stories and ideas.

Style is not a location, you can in practice, ceaseless aggrandizement, adjustment, modification, until one day, I have to write this letter to tell you: " I love your site, because it is the style! " Creative ( idea ) is a key site of survival. This point I believe we all have identity. However as the webpage designers, the most distressing is no good creative source.

Attention, said here refers to the whole idea of creative site, ( because of this creative generation of this site, or the same content, introduced the creative differences ), webpage graphic design creative I will be at the back of the layout tips in the.

Creative is what, how to generate creative ideas?

Creativity is fascinating, wonderful, the element of surprise; creativity is to capture ideas, are created. These tricks .... all say creative characteristics, in essence, creativity is to convey information in a particular way.

比如Webdesigner(网页设计师),我们将其中的E字母大写一下: wEbdEsigEr,感觉怎么样,这其实就是一种创意!
For example, Webdesigner ( Webpage Designer ), we will be one of the E capital letters : wEbdEsigEr, how do you feel, this is actually a kind of creative!

Creativity is not genius inspiration, but the results of thinking. According to the United States of America ads professor James's research, the creative thought process is divided into five stages:

1 stage of preparation of the collected data, according to the old experience, inspired new ideas;

2 incubation period - data of mastication and digestion, making sense of free development, any combination of;

3 - consciousness development and the combination of inspiration, creativity;

4 validation period -- will produce creative discussion;

5 - Design webpage, creative concrete. Creativity is the current element reset.

For example, the network combined with the telephone, IP telephone. From this point of view, anyone, including you and me, be not of the common sort can create creative. Moreover, information more rich, more easy to generate creative ideas. Like the kaleidoscope, tube glass more, the pattern more. If you want can be found on the network, most creativity from the combination with real life ( or virtual reality ), such as the electronic community, online bookstore, online auction. If you think of a better idea?

Creative thinking way is the most commonly used Lenovo, here to provide a website 25 associative clues:

1.把它颠倒 2.把它缩小 3.把颜色换一下 4.使它更长 5.使它闪动 6.把它放进音乐里 7.结合文字音乐图画 8.使它成为年轻的9.使它重复 10.使它变成立体 11.参加竞赛 12.参加打赌 13.变更一部分 14.分裂它 15.使它罗曼蒂克 16.使它速度加快 17.增加香味 18.使它看起来流行 19.使它对称 20.将它向儿童诉求 21.价格更低 22.给它起个绰号 23.把它打包 24.免费提供 25.以上各项延伸组合
1 put it upside down 2 to reduce it to 3 color change of 4 make it longer 5 reverses it 6 and put it into the music 7 combining writing music picture of 8 make it a young 9 to duplicate it 10 to make it become a three-dimensional 11 race 12 attend bet 13 to change a portion of the 14 split it 15 to Tia Roman Dick 16 make it faster by 17 to increase the aroma of 18 make it look popular 19 make it symmetrical 20 it will appeal to children 21 lower prices 22 to give it a nickname 23 pack it 24 free provides more than 25 of the extension combination