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We have to admit the fact that : the design is currently our domestic production sites are the most widely, the most significant problem, especially the enterprise website! Here, we say " design " not only refers to the unusual we said three-dimensional planning, design, and manufacturing techniques, content control reasons, of course, here we talk about the former.

1、在用色方面(The use of color terms)

At present the domestic enterprise web design is the most prominent problem is the use of color! Cite a simple example, we are working to browse through a number of enterprises at home and abroad to the site, but also careful in the essence of the design ( this is the progress of design degree is an important method and shortcut! ) , I want to say is, even if the content is complete the same two sites, is a domestic site, is a foreign website, we could see at a glance that the difference ( certainly not in the text )! We have to admit that the foreign website structure design and use of color degree! Foreign website is very elegant color, not casually use of color, and the overall color harmony and style consistency often surprising, in contrast, the domestic site in the design does not pay attention to these aspects of the expression, webpage color over-population, unrelated to the two colors together, match harmonious, lack of opposite style, but because the enterprise web sites, often by " administrative " interference of more components, and the designers, often by my subordinates and company manager ( or detailed human ) double ends, especially in the presence of the scene more Professional Company, has a good design, but also fit the enterprise as a person taste, practice task also have certain difficulty.

2、在图片解决方面(In the picture resolution)

Ought to say, the Professional Company has certain strength, initiative you in the station is best considered Professional Company or professional. In the practice of enterprise manufacturing task often come up in my web site, wherein the image resolution techniques need to further study, the important issue is:

2.1 解决手段简朴、缺少设计思维:图像方方正正,基础上看不出如何经过解决;不考究图片与文字的互补搭配;图片解决过暗,图片上文字隐约不清;图片孤立,与四周内容缺少对立;用色怪异,图片色彩随便,有的只是随便找些图片再经过高度和宽度的变形,图片解决缺少解决深度和细度;背景与远景文字缺少明度对照,庞杂的背景图像掩饰了远景文字的内容,给人的觉得是网站乱成一片……涌现这些问题的症结是设计者思绪的问题,他们并没有意识到网页中的图片的实践作用,他们往往以为图片只是为了装点,其实,网页中图片的真正意义在于深入网站的思维,反应网站的对立形象,加深浏览者对网站形象的记忆,并使他们更疾速控制网站的内容。因而,网站图片肯定要少而精,不用要的、与企业或网站形象不符的图片肯定要去掉!
2.1 means to solve simple, lack of design thinking: the image is square, on the basis of see how after solving; not elegant pictures and texts of complementary collocation; picture resolved too dark, text-on-picture unclear; isolated from surrounding content, lack of opposite color; strange sights, the picture color casually, some just find some pictures through the height and width of the deformation, the picture to address the lack of resolve depth and fineness; background and Prospect of lack of brightness control words, complex background image to hide the vision of text content, give a person feel is the site in a piece ... ... Emergence of these problems is the crux of the problem the designer thoughts, they do not realize that the picture in the webpage practice role, they often think the picture just to decorate, in fact, webpage picture is true meaning in-depth site thinking, reaction site opposite image, deepen the visitors to the site image memory, and the they are more rapid control of web content. Thus, the picture will be less, unnecessary, and the site of inconsistent image picture must be removed!

2.2 存储方法、存储款式有问题,招致图像色彩失真、字节过大:浏览海内企业网站,常常会看到这些情形:图片部分色彩涌现焦糊的觉得,原先应当是单色的中央涌现杂色,说究竟是图片存储的问题,给人一种很不专业的觉得,本站前面的内容会通知您网站图片的各种存储方法和存储技巧,这里不细说,倡议您***请专业人士为您的网站细心检讨一下,使您的网站给人一种专业的印象。
2.2 storage method, storage style problem, cause image color distortion, byte: browse large domestic enterprises website, often see these circumstances: the picture portion of the color have burnt think, originally should be monochromatic Central emerging variegated, said that is actually a picture memory problems, give a person a kind of very not professional think the station, we will inform you of the picture on a variety of storage method and storage techniques, not go into detail here, you had better ask initiative professionals for your web site carefully review, make your site to a professional impression.

2.3 图片太多:关于中小企业网站而言,往往是首页要突出设计,内容很少,有的只是象征性的图像,问题就涌如今首页上:我发明很多企业网站的首页运用的大量的图片,有的甚至整页都是图片切割而成,真难为了网页设计者!假如是传统媒体设计或是局域网,咱们无可挑剔,但假如是广域网,在宽带接入没有遍及以前倡议***简约一些,图片少些,设计思维多些,否则色彩淡些,目标无非只要一个:放慢网页下载速度,别让浏览者望眼欲穿!
2.3: too many images about the small and medium-sized enterprise website, is often home to outstanding design, very little content, some just symbolic image, is now home in on : I found a lot of enterprise website home page using lots of pictures, and even the entire page is a picture cut, easy to webpage designer! If is the traditional media design or LAN, we are impeccable, but if it is a wide area network, broadband access without throughout the previous initiatives best contracted some less, picture, design thinking more, otherwise the color of light, the aim for as long as a webpage: slow download speed, don't let visitors expect to see someone who never comes!

3、在动画运用方面(In animation application)

Webpage design in the use of animation we be without rebuke, this also shows the network interactive one aspect, but the problem is in the webpage random in a number of unrelated animation, which is the active page, attractive, here to give you a heads up: messy animation can disrupt visitors browse view, affect browsers' mood, and eventually lead to! Or that sentence: should not put do not put, check my website, ask yourself, these pictures can certainly be? Suggest you in the animation to find the best professionals to help you design conforms to my enterprise, website style animation, for your website plus Tim light color, and not casually piled together, the eye.

4、文字的运用(The use of language)

I don't know whether to see the who? Task I often find some enterprise web page text font is not optimized, Bold Fonts is easily identified, but overall planning is the large font trouble, true can not see the beauty of webpage, and when I asked designers do not use style form causes, responses are often: enterprise requests to do so, their favorite characters! -- have nothing to say.

Much for your website users in mind, rather than your own.

5、导航的设计(Navigation design)

Based on the site, are familiar with the navigation of the importance, but in the navigation design seldom have I characteristics of navigation, to this point, we visit foreign websites, often give us lots of useful reminder. The navigation design into a whole website design, instead of being isolated, can be the best corporate image ( such as mark ) to navigation design, so as to further deepen the understanding of corporate image viewer. Another point to note is that: navigation must be reasonable, not to go anywhere, and can not return, and be careful not to hide the content too deep, so that visitors often hits before reaching the target navigation set failure.

6、对立的问题(The problem of opposites)

Affordable and opposing the overall color very easily in the browsing in the brain resulting in a continuation of the memory, but also on a site the most basic request, is the site through the design response corporate image as an important way, therefore, must be paid attention to in front of the content, I will introduce how to maintenance of enterprise website the style of antagonism, welcome to browse!

7、速度的问题(The problem of speed)

Some people say: page download speed is a good site for the first factor. This is not over, we analyse: individual, people browsing the web to obtain some necessary information, in the present network speed very slow condition, more should be to save visitors time carefully design. Page download speed is the key factor to keep visitors to web sites, practice task, my understanding is: if 7 - 10 seconds can not open a webpage, others would have no patience. If you can not let each page sustain faster download speeds, should at least ensure home speed as soon as possible. While we part of enterprises site design from the speed down to see is failure, patiently wait time to see the last row of red fork pictures -- the image link to download fail, only the refresh, and wait for a period of time. Test my website download speed, especially if your web site home page picture control many things, of course pay attention to eliminate my computer browser cache. In addition, there are many factors influencing the website speed, which in addition to the skill, is the main picture, so once again must guarantee the use of picture!