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The Beijing website construction company Luxuries: Chinese website for anyone not unfamiliar, in such a high speed network age, site means that the strength and brand. Especially in the hope that through the network means to expand the marketing of enterprises, construction sites for them is the priority among priorities. But how to construct a conducive to marketing and flaunt oneself actual strength and brand website?

In the beginning of establishment, we must consider to website marketing, an accord with the conditions of the site must consider many factors, but the final purpose is to site traffic into real customers. Of course, by virtue of the power of one person to complete a perfect site is not enough, must be in the station at the beginning of many receive advice and experience, can guarantee the benign construction site. Flow conversion of a first requirement is to have a good user experience. The customer is to the website and purchased by the user, only to let them see you want, find themselves want to buy, they will give you your orders, so that you can complete the conversion rate. So how can the user experience: site to the extreme?

User experience is the user is using the product process established a pure subjective feelings. The user experience is mainly reflected in the product, can be useful, and ease of use in three aspects. Let a product useful both to meet customer demand; can use refers to the site of the various links are normal, no fatal BUG; easy to use refers to the operation is convenient, quick, it is critical. The above three points, further practice, enhance the user experience is not difficult.

1、 网站的访问速度:
Site access speed:

Refer to site access speed, all the more sympathetic, because we are not on the other site visitors every hour and moment. Take one of my former site ( www.glbuys.com ), as a result of flat-share space problems, a month will have two open site, slow as a snail, open a website to be 5 to 10 seconds before. Such a speed, will you wait? Later, took over the site after the first thing I would exchange server. So, the server must be awesome, or website to do better, can not keep the customers, no customers will not be able to increase website flow, also mentioned the user experience.

2、 网站的风格和域名
Web style and the domain name

Visit a web site the most common method is by domain, so the domain name is the user awareness and understanding of our first step. Simple, easy to remember, have special significance, consistent with the search habit and so on, we have to consider the factors.

Web style, first with the product and the enterprise culture fit. As an enterprise portal, should be concise, atmosphere, to highlight key points, which is our service and products. Color to choose sedate, indifferent tone.

3、 网站内容和布局
Site content and layout

Site content is determined whether the site is accepted by customers and flow conversion is successful and a core point. Web site first to help customers have, is what we often say to let customers see want things and resources. In general a customer enters the site, the length of stay and whether conversion depends on our website content, website content and the importance of visible, suggest to make UEO marketing website.

Layout of the site is not to be ignored in the establishment of key. According to the relevant agencies of the eye movement trajectories were traced to different sites, users browse behavior to have apparent consistency. In general, users are accustomed to from top to bottom, from left to right for such an order to browse and saccade webpage content, according to the running track, the first concern of human eye location should be at the site of the left side part, like a " F ", this can increase the user experience the benefit of SEO website optimization, such as Google search results appear in the " Golden Triangle phenomenon".

Understanding of the " F " phenomenon, based on the analysis results of target groups, in the page layout clear priorities, outstanding key, it is not difficult to design a good site architecture.

The website structure and page design summary:

( 1): page navigation navigation clear, outstanding, hierarchical.

( 2) the picture show: proportion, no deformation, the picture is clear. Picture arrangement is neither too dense, never too far.

( 3) the use of simple, straightforward: icon, easy, accurate, and the whole page style.

( 4) advertising design: avoid the interference of line of sight, advertisement picture was consistent with the overall style, avoid distracting.

( 5) button set : for an interactive button must be clear and outstanding, to ensure that users can clearly click.

( 6) search: search after submission, clear display a list of search results, and the relative characters with different colors to distinguish between.

( 7) the column names: and the column content accurate, concise and clear, not too deep.

In fact, on a site to do an analysis of user experience is very fine very tired of living, but is very significant, especially for the annual sales of tens of millions of electronic commerce website, user experience is done, the conversion rate can increase 1/1000 that can promote the hundreds of thousands of sales, must cause enough attention.

4、 能够给用户提供便利和互动
Users can provide convenience and interaction

Site users to find the products at the same time, there may be many new questions arise, for example, color, quality, size and so on. This time must be able to help customers solve problems, will retain customers "footsteps ". Therefore, online message and online customer service is a very important part, the interactive platform must be placed in a conspicuous position of website.

5、 清晰的网站导航
Clear navigation

The site navigation throughout the site to a lighthouse, enabling users to browse our website will not get lost. Can open to each desired page, but also enhance the elements of user experience.

In fact, Internet users browse webpage habits and customer browse store items in the habit of not much difference. The user opens a new page, saccade some text, and click on the first interested him link. In this process, the page has substantial regional users didn't even read. Most users in the page to find his interest and can click on the content, once found, click behavior will occur, but if a page does not meet expectations, the back or the close button will immediately be click.

Most of the time the user is not in reading the contents of the screen, but in the saccade.

Users are accustomed to saccades and quick search page to guide him to understand the content key point.

Don't test your patience

When a page is unable to meet the expectations of users, to leave it can hardly be avoided. Hope that by adding relevant content rich pages and retain users often ineffective or even run counter to one's desire. A screen page carries more information, cognitive load is heavier, you need to spend more time to process information, if the information is also some not desired by the user, it will spend the extra energy to these more than information from attention away.

3. 用户并不做***选择
The user does not do the best choice

The user is not in the search to find the best option is the fastest way, they are not in a linear way to read the contents of the screen ( in order from one module to another module ). When the user find the first reasonable option, or once found a possible target content, " immediately click " or " start reading " possibility is very large. In fact, the user is looking to make them feel useful or appropriate content, instead of looking for the best choice, the reason is intuitive: we are not the child user, he does not care about us all, he just wants to get what he wants, then leave.