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Beijing website construction after the completion of the fast increase the flow. Enthusiasm is a kind of great power, from internal sudden heart out, to inspire us to play out wisdom and vitality; Enthusiasm is the powerful support, no matter how facing the predicament, can always gave birth to our optimistic spirit and strong will... No passion, life is the colour of sky didn't.

1. The initiative propaganda

Through the EMAIL, BBS and some other means to publicity, if you in Internet chat room when he went in to see you home page article send some information, see the message of this message to your home page do some publicity, also can use some E-mail group or join some of the large software mailing list to publish your homepage information (use E-mail group must pay attention to civilization terminology, otherwise will have the opposite effect). These measures though operate up time-consuming, but it is the most direct effect can play.

2. The website construction speed

This is what is belong to the category of the home page promotion temporary not to discuss, but Beijing website construction of speed will affect the page views this it is true, UEO marketing type website construction and even in some ways, so to speak, Beijing website construction of traffic depends on the website of the speed, and, of course, this is only relative to character, imagine a few minutes to open a page website construction is how many visitors are willing to stay for a second? Even in the page still haven't fully open already lose patience, would mean you lose a have already been very not easy to get hits. So, must pay attention to, in the choice of free space, must choose the fastest, of course, every place speed is different, you can consider these factors through comprehensive survey.

3. Favorites

There is no doubt that Beijing website construction of traffic to a great extent, depends on the size of the visitors favorites, how to let your web page added to the visitor's favorites is a very worth you going to take the time to study. The most common is nothing but you of the Beijing website construction do better more attractive, and also to use some Java use pop-up Windows remind visitors join favorites, this method is equally effective.

4. Use HTML language

这个办法是针对搜索引擎而言的,方法是打开主页的源文件,在〈HEAD〉与〈/HEAD〉中加入代码〈 HTTP-EQUIV=“Keywords”CONTENT=“1,2,3,……,TEXT/HTML;CHARSET=gb2312”〉其中content后面的1,2,3,均是与主页主题内容相关的关键词(当然,你也可以选择一些热门词,即使你的主页里没有这些内容,这样总有点欺骗别人的感觉,网站优化但无论怎么说,这也是主页推广的好办法)。当一些搜索引擎工作时,您的关键词与搜索词如果相匹配,您的网址便成为搜索结果之一。所以要选择好关键词,而且越多越好,这样,你的网址就更容易被搜索到。
This method is for search engines as the main method is open source file, in "HEAD > and < / HEAD > with code < HTTP-EQUIV =" Keywords "CONTENT =" one, two, three,......, TEXT/HTML; CHARSET = gb2312 "> including CONTENT behind 1, 2, 3, all from the home page is subject CONTENT relevant Keywords (and, of course, you can also choose to some popular word, even if you are not in the home page, so that the contents of total have a little deceive others feel, site optimization but no matter how to say, this is also a good way to promote home page). When some search engines work, your keywords and search words if match, your web site will become one of the search results. So to choose good keywords, and the more the better, so that your site is more likely to be searched.

5. Join product nets and website construction ranking

Now more and more of the online product nets and SEO website optimization website construction, and you can see a join a, this to your traffic is a big help, if your Beijing website construction do well enough, nature can get very high return; The other is the total overall list some zero zero, go to join, although maybe you row in last place, but it can also bring to you many views.

6, allow the user to create his own content

How to let users create his own content? This is the prerequisite is to let the user to your Beijing website construction contents have interest, and voluntarily participating in them. Then we shall have to understand why the user to your website construction to Beijing, what content to attract users.

This method can be varied, with my experience speaking, I added a game channel, let me for a long time in Beijing website construction bubble jar of users participated in the game, and then open up the unique edition piece let players in the discussion, so, old users drive the new users, new users and become old users, website construction naturally active up. Maybe someone said the game channel said, easy to do up difficult, as personal webmaster do not have so much human resources development of special game. Want to know in the Internet society, to keep OPEN state of mind, such as now some game platform will provide special game for Beijing website construction BBS, better have bubbles play web gaming platform in the union. Popwan. Com, yet Beijing website construction to join the number has more than ten. Beijing website construction webmaster want to do, is to add a game channel, for players to play the game, not only can increase website construction viscosity, increase the flow of reputation, still can obtain the game into, with one.

7. Exchange advertisements

This method may be most useful and most exquisite skills of method. Have you ever thought of your home page itself can also bring you traffic, I've seen a lot of individual homepage page empty, why don't you use these precious page to bring more traffic space? May you're complaining that the content of the page you too little, of course, join free advertising to exchange with your home page, it not only can increase the content of your home page and, more important is to be able to bring you more traffic. Many articles in the discussion page of publicity, in that it is often very ignored, think advertisements exchange the effect is not ideal. But you know, a visitor into your site began, he not only for you to create a traffic, and, even more important, he still can you create the most basic things advertising exchange, you can try to put some kind of advertising click exchange (usually a text exchange, isme, tai chi chain, etc) on the web page of conspicuous position, so that when your visitors look on your web pages, he wanted to leave, if these advertising exchange has he was interested in content, he will choose to click, and this one click and can bring you a page views. So circulation, your traffic will only grows day by day.

Through the use of these methods, then you will be the main traffic increased, but must pay attention to the is your Beijing website construction must constantly updated constantly enrich, even if is to change color, change a few words, such ability in the stable on the basis of traffic increased traffic. In addition to many, many of the skills, need you to continue to practice, such as face numerous advertising exchange, which is the most useful to you, what advertising exchange effect is not ideal, which links effect are good and which are not, and so on, these are to want you in constant practice to the master.