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In web marketing play an important role. People often ask, is also trying to get through the construction site network marketing road, why some enterprise answer the phone to give up, some enterprise website construction completed online actually slowly go unattended after? As many years of professional experience of Beijing's website construction team, the enterprise website present situation in common for a preliminary analysis:

The image of the enterprise reflects the website image page: a lot of enterprise web sites use website image page, can better reflect enterprise image. Can image page generally no change from web optimization into consideration, grab a spider arrived after the home page, found and no update or change, it is no longer crawl down, but came back and said no update web site. Even if the website information update every day also of no help. So clever network are not recommended image page, more do not suggest using Flash making web image home page.

The type of website, which a few kinds there are web site, often say static and dynamic web site respectively What?

Often have customers on phone asked "do a company website how many money", so big a concept, we can only gradually introduce website construction business, so as to determine the final demand can offer customers, because website is basically according to page two chunk of design and function to collect fees, and the website and dynamic and static web site is divided into two categories.

Static web site: static web site is refers to using HTML editor of the web site, do not take the database, website construction after, user can't modify your content, can only through the other web pages with FTP software editing software to the server transmission, so static web site is suitable for the first site doesn't need often update user, because maintenance up very trouble.

Dynamic web site: dynamic web site and not websites with animation and some other dynamic elements, but that a site content and database connected, website construction company will produce a set of web site management background, the convenient user daily update contents, such as release information, and updates the product and so on, as long as you can get to the Internet, do not need to install any software, it can be convenient, fast of site management, so the dynamic web site by a welcome, at present most web sites are dynamic web site, because the static web site visit speed, and to websites, so there is a lot of the combination of the way the dynamic and static website built.

动态网站制作一般采用的开发语言有:asp、php、asp.net、jsp;数据库有以下几种:access、mssql server、mysql、oracle、其中前三种数据库用的最多,access数据库是小型的数据库,适用于网站内容不多的用户,而一般虚拟主机都免费支持access数据库。
Dynamic website production general use of the development of the language has: asp, PHP, asp.net, JSP; The database has the following kinds: access, MSSQL server, mysql, oracle, the top three kind of database use most, the access database is small database, applicable to the web site of the few users, and general virtual host support free access database.

Web site and not add pictures logo Alt tag: in baidu website optimization about the relevant interpretation, introduced said pictures and Flash is grasping the spider can't identify. A friend said, search engine offer image search, since can't identify, and how to search? Of course is through the pictures of Alt tag. The role of Alt tag is introduced images, like a piece of calling card, tell the search engine is this picture of what content. In the W3C standards, also suggested that the website construction process, the images are set on Alt tag, so also suitable for UEO.

Web site one hundred constant: website construction finished uploading, even if the job done? I've seen a lot of enterprise web site from beginning to end, content is not changed much. I often and my clients, the website is like a baby, we should often fed to him, to give him nutrition, so that they can grow up * *. Web site a dust unchanged, not only do not increase the enterprise image and reputation, still can give a reminder about enterprise!

Reasonable use of the site with the statistical tools: website traffic statistical tools is any one website construction is one of necessary tools. According to the statistics result analysis and summary, and adjust the website, will be the best show on site before the customers. But now many enterprise web site ignore it.

Use space bigger Flash as a web design main elements: will Flash as a web site the design of the main elements, the pros and cons of quite obvious. Had to admit, Flash web good-looking, can enhance the enterprise image. Especially garments, beauty, cosmetics, etc. But Flash not able to reflect more valuable information, the most important is, search engine spiders now grab cannot recognize Flash. So, clever the establishment of the network, not suggested that the Flash as a web site the design of the main elements.

We received every day from people of business E-mail, many mail to write like 10 years old children work: wrong character English, grammar mistakes, format chaos, hard to read... Every man is liable to error, the so-called: nobody's perfect, but this is not an excuse you make a mistake. Don't forget, this is your first impression of the left to others.

Website builder not been established very good user E-mail groups if you didn't pass email groups and your customers and potential customers to stay connected words, you are actually in the bill to throw when waste paper. At the same time take the appropriate advertising means not perhaps someone said, send spam is doing business on the Internet in the good method. But this is a great mistake. If you can give a junk mail make money through the example I can quote you 10 through the normal way to earn more examples. You did not need to send those annoying spam. There are so many online advertising way, why must use the backlash of way? If you're thinking about a long-term strategy, please do not use junk mail. Forget the marketing is the key to success if you don't tell someone, even if your product is the best in the world, you also don't sell. Without advertising is no potential customers, no potential customers can't sales, it seems is the most common sense, but also is the most common pitfalls. To want to be a success in business, first of all, establishing a reliable business model, unless your product or service is proved to be valuable, and you sales could make you a profit. Don't waste time on useless things, test is very important. Moreover when you build reliable business model later, you should be focused on promotion. Marketing is the business of the blood. If you can make each $1 of words, that you only need to find the 100000 customers can make 100000....... Don't think efforts to get rich whether online or offline, can make money, but you have to pay a labor. If someone says to want to teach you a effort can make money of method, run it, the sooner the better. Want to coin money overnight in the mind of the Internet seems to be particularly popular. But the fact is no ordinary people can do that. "There is no free lunch!" In making money online is no secret, as long as effort some, adhere to the point, anybody can get want to success. Do not understand the Internet the true power of the Internet is a communication tool, this also is the Internet the basic survival. You can maximize the use of it.

Home page Banner part can be read information is too little: many enterprise spending money to other famous website to buy advertising a advertising or promotion, but ignore their site in the most obvious advertising a set. Most of the enterprise will be the slogan of the concept of enterprise, information on Banner, not this way. From the user experience to consider, customers to access the site first concern is whether you have the customer need of company products, to make sure that there is a suitable product later, would go to consider such as after-sales service and other aspects. Why don't you will be the main products slightly modified enterprise and placed in Banner part, then add products links. This way, the customer to access the site, they can easily find want products.

Website title only enterprise name: a lot of enterprise have realized the importance of web site optimization, and puts forward the process of making web sites to consider site optimization, the title of the website but only write enterprise name. Of course, the demand is very obvious, is hope customers can easily find enterprise web site. But in addition to large enterprise besides, how many people will go to the search company's name? The official explanation given in baidu in mentioned that the title (i.e. web site title) on the site optimization has a pivotal role. So clever network generally recommend that in the website in the title of reasonable decorate enterprise core product key words. Web site key word choice, cannot too too greedy, choose too popular key word or seeking too much keyword density will only make yourself into the error, deep in the ranking of water can't. Site builders can not efficiently manage email you with customers and potential customers the E-mail exchange between both can let you success, also can let you to fail. It's hard for you to have the opportunity to communicate with them alone and impress, seize this opportunity is very important.

The Internet is the treasure of information resources, and learn to use any search engine from the information you need.

Say simply, the Internet allows people to communicate more effectively. Are in business with people, as long as is blended in among them, you can feel the pulse of the world changes.