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First of all, can tell want to learn the friends to create a web page. Learn to create web pages and learning other knowledge, is to have basic. Based on the study up will be easier and quick. Next, want to know what is it used for learning.

Suggest you want to have conditions: the computer skilled operation, use the computer had better be in more than one year, the interest of web design, have a plenty of time to study, familiar with office software. Of course, these are not to be.

The first stage: beginning is best learn something web page editor software, such as: FrontPage, Dreamweaver. So can make you know more about web pages and operation principles. It best to take this tutorial to learn, union course and learn edge production.

The second stage: will use web page creation software, has produced a more complete web sites. But in order to make their web page design and production of perfection, or learn the core technology of the web! Web page editor language (including: the HTML, CSS, javascript, asp, XML, etc.). You can study draws.

The third stage: combined with your own has mastered to knowledge to web development, can develop the other people to give you defined target web site. At this time, you will become a real web developers.

How to make a web page, not to say that a couple of articles can say. Introduced above is the main program for making home pages, to be able to want to learn to produce web friend a reference.


Web pages ready affirmation be published on the Internet, so must apply for a space; Free space is not very stable, capacity and small, is bad also to apply for, suggest to big web site such as sina, netease to first get a personal space, probably a more than 20 M.


Recommend using Dreamweaver Chinese, this software the greatest characteristic is "what you see is what you get", also is the production process seen, is then released to the network.


Spend some time, find a more understandable tutorial see is very necessary. Each page composition, be but text, tables, charts, animation and background music is and several other major element, make clear how these elements put in, you even know how to make a web page.


Beginning to download a comparison suggest simple web pages, in making software will it open, and then carefully observe the somebody else's web page form, imitate it to fill all sorts of elements, combined with the practice of teaching city again, progress will be much quicker, remember also some prison.