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Website construction is the brunt page design. A lot of enterprise in the website construction process are love FLASH show page, including now have many website construction has this page, and it is the home page, especially some enterprise web site.

So how can this happen, or was it a present representation? It attributed to that year of a network pop act, because flash technology just started, a home page has a beautiful flash page can attract more attention, and more or less reflect the construction of this site quality and level, and improve the whole image of the website, and because of this, when many in the website construction contract will be a: "contains a flash image page". And now, this kind of phenomenon has been slowly break or has already broken, your home page flash image page will be be washed out gradually, why do you say that? Please listen to HuiCheng's science and technology slowly the ways.

Many of the network video has let flash page does not have a strong impact

The actual come forward to a few years of the home page flash image page if sufficient kung fu word, still can give your visitors will leave a good impression, why? Because the network video over the technology and network bandwidth is very limited,. The SWF file cabinet become the "video" standards, plus elegant render, still can let a person look at ease, even give visitors a a love feeling, so think that year, a good flash page to people's heart is still a lot of impact, this is why would have "a flash image page" website construction is an important reason for the terms of the contract.

But go to 2012, the diversity of video compression technology, and the networks of promotion,. The flash SWF file has and without it the advantage of that year, now you can easily in all kinds of video website that oneself want to the video, and is so preached, so flash page to everyone of impact also it disappears.

Flash image page are not used to this life to the development of the network requirements

The modern network is more exquisite, convenient and practical, including SEO industry, the launch of the home page of the flash more improper use these, in a user experience degrees point, a click won't attract more customers, but let users click on the required content becomes more trouble.

From SEO optimization point, flash image page can't show the content of the web site, also can't finish work on the homepage of SEO page updated snapshot, so HuiCheng's science and technology development Co., LTD. Think, before some year the homepage of flash image page has not satisfied with the modern network in supplication, it will be thrown into the history of the long river in go to before.